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One box of this product contains, 12 bottles of 250 ml, 6 bottles of 500ml or 4 cans of 2.5L.

HARVEST 2018/2019

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  • 250ml.
  • 500ml.
  • 2,5L.

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Intense fruity

Original Picual: The family traditional oil

With this extra virgin olive oil you will understand why the variety Picual is the favorite olive in the province of Jaen. The most original and traditional taste of our oils will dazzle anyone who tries it either raw or cooking.

Production area: Jaén (Andalusia).

Variety: 100% Picual

Harvest system: Mechanical and by hand in those places where it is difficult to use machinery.

Extraction system: Continuous two-phase system.

Storage: Stainless steel tanks. Inertized with nitrogen.

Aroma: Unmistakable aroma of green olive with hints of herb and tomato: A journey to the heart of Jaen.

Taste: Fresh and balanced; in other words, the genuine taste of Picual olives.

Sensory graph

Gráfico sensorial de nuestro AOVE Frutado Frutado intenso Original

Awards and aknowledgements

Lista de los premios y reconocimientos obtenidos por nuestro AOVE Frutado Intenso Original Picual

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